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The New Atkins low carb weight loss diet is full of exciting changes. Among those changes are a few tips and tricks that make following the Atkins low carb weight loss diet easier and less painful. Tips include how to prevent induction flu and a little support for good, old-fashioned caffeine.


Induction Flu is Caused by Lack of Salt

Since 1972 when the first version of the Atkins low carb diet was published, people have been fighting through the Induction flu because no one truly understood why the body was reacting to low carb dieting with flu-like symptoms. Scientists and researchers have finally found a solution or helpful treatment to make the symptoms far less overpowering.

A lack of salt in a low carb diet could be the cause of the flu-like symptoms during Atkins Induction. Drinking 8 ounces of full salt broth in the morning and evening will help fend off these symptoms. Make sure to check the label for added sugars that would cause an increase in carbohydrate content.

Do NOT Exercise for the First Two Weeks

Many new low carb dieters choose to stop following the Atkins low carb diet program because of fatigue during the first two weeks or the Induction phase. The human body has been using carbohydrate for fuel for at least (enter your age) years. It will take a bit of time to retrain the body to utilize fat stores instead. During the first two weeks of Atkins Induction, skip the exercise and just allow the fat burning process of ketosis to get settled. If you MUST exercise, choose a long walk.

Caffeine is a Good Thing

Previous versions of the Atkins low carb diet plan suggested dieters leave caffeine behind while following the plan. In the New Atkins low carb diet, caffeine is recognized for its fat burning properties. Caffeine has been proven to increase heart rate just enough to kick up fat burning. It is still important to drink caffeine in moderation due to the diuretic effects, but a cup of Joe in the morning is allowed on the New Atkins low carb diet.

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