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I read about a guys account that was inexplicably suspended. What’s worrying is that quite a lot of people report that they’ve abided by all these rules and got suspended anyway.

The user in question had few followers, wasn’t aggressively getting more, wasn’t follow limit every day, or spamming other users. But perhaps we can read between the lines of that report. He had multiple Twitter accounts, and perhaps they weren’t different enough, so one of them was suspended for being a duplicate, or at least, seen to be that way. Alternatively, I worry that a lot of people are getting suspended for having too many links in their time-line, one of the more overlooked possible reasons. He was using Twitter Feed to auto-update his Twitter accounts with links to new blog posts. Perhaps he was an obsessive blogger, and got banned for posting too many links?

Remember that your main Twitter client, if you have one, is integral in avoiding or perhaps causing your suspension. I use Tweet Adder in spite of complaints people have made about getting suspended using it, because it can be configured very specifically, and 99% of the time, people have made silly mistakes in the settings. It allows you to follow or auto-follow up to one person a second, which is just insane, so perhaps err on the side of caution and follow a maximum of 1 per minute to avoid ‘aggressive following’, while faster following is probably safer, why risk it?


A lot of people get banned for spam direct messaging. I was reported for spam by a few people when I used my previous twitter client, Tweet Tank, because it was sending the same messages to the same people several times. Tweet Adder removes your followers from the messaging list after sending a DM until the whole list has been sent one, so it avoid this problem.

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Be warned that some people are apparently getting their accounts suspended for having too many advertisement links in, and it’s believed that Twitter are thinning out the competition ahead of the launch of their own advertisements coming date? Some people say marketers should have a maximum of 30% advertisement links in their time-line, others are more cautious and suggest 10%. I’ve reduced the percentage of them in my time-line by adding a couple of extra twitter feeds. But in so doing, I’m adding more links to it, which also risks suspension.

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