Highest Grossing Movie of all time

If we talk about the highest grossing movies, then it is very simple to explain that the movie earns highly in comparison to the other usual movies. There are many movies which are on the list, but few of them breaks all the records and earn in the billions.  The movie revenue generates from many sources like home video, theatrical exhibition, television broadcast rights and merchandising. But the movies collect the biggest amount of money from the theatrical exhibition rights. People have more curiosity to watch new movies, and they pay a big amount of money to watch movies which increase the movie income and make it popular. The popularity of the movies depends on the team of crew, actors, directors, etc. In most of the cases, If the participating actors and directors are much popular, this means that the movie has more chance to come in the popularity list and help to make the profit. But if we talk about blockbuster movies then the movie has depended on many things link the box office collection, highly grossing films by calendars, paid copyrights, Stata light rights, highest-grossing film franchises and many of them. Most of the blockbuster movies are in the category of action, drama, and romance but if we talk about the 21st century, the franchise films have been more popular in comparison of the other movies. There are also some movies series including in the blockbuster list, e.g., Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean even some superhero movies are also coming in the blockbuster list Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Marvel Cinematic Universe, etc. The animated movies are also participating well, but they can’t compare the other movies, because people don’t like to see an animated movie, but in kids the there is too much craze of animated movies, and it is performing well continuously. Some of the animated movies which come in the blockbuster list are Pixar, The Lion King, Incredibles, Frozen, etc. There are some popular movies which earn in billions and if is very difficult to compete with that movies.


Top Highest Grossing movies.

1 Avatar – Avatar comes on the 1st rank in the race of earning money. This movie earns 2.7 billion and still is on the first rank and maintaining its rank science from 2009. It is a mixed animated 3D movie which is very popular in youth.

  1. Titanic – 2nd highest grossing movie in work earn almost 2.2 billion dollars and it’s also maintained its rank for many years. The film is based on the real love story between a poor man and rich girls the movie is based on the titanic ship story and when it crashes many of people died, and the hero serve his life to save his girlfriend life.
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – This movie comes on the 3rd place with an income of 2.0 billion dollars. A full of action and adventures movie the youth like the movie because of it using advanced technology in the film.
  3. Avengers Infinity War – A top-rated Marvel series movie which earns a significant amount of film in a small period. This movie comes on the 4th position with income of 2.04 billion dollars. It releases in 2018 and superhero-based movie which makes it’s more popular in youth.
  4. Jurassic World – Jurassic world also very popular movie in the youth. The previous part of the movies was also popular in the youth. This movie comes in the 5th position with earnings of 1.67-billion-dollar movie. The movie is based on the dinosaur and showing the life of dinosaurs in the description.

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