Filtered & Tap Water From The Same Faucet

What good is a faucet if homeowners feel they can’t use it for all of their water needs? That’s probably why 92% of survey respondents stated that they did not feel comfortable getting drinking water directly from their kitchen faucet because of the lack of filtering capabilities.

Consumers instead buy bottled water, use refrigerator dispensers, fill filtering water pitchers or attach a filter to their faucet. However, they still cite the high cost and inconvenience of these solutions and how unattractive faucet mounted filters can look.


New Moen kitchen faucets with ChoiceFlo™ filtration aim to counteract these drawbacks. Available in two faucet styles, Chateau® and Muirfield™, consumers can get both filtered and ordinary tap water from a traditional-looking faucet – no unsightly attachments required.

Inside the faucet is a separate water line that delivers filtered water through a hidden spout on the faucet neck. A side handle, no larger than a faucet side spray, allows consumers to easily switch from tap to filtered water. “Consumers will go to great lengths to get filtered water,” said Tim McDonough, Moen’s Director of New Growth Markets. “Now they no longer have to – it’s as simple as turning on their kitchen faucet.”

Your McMurray Plumbing Company will be glad to install this unit.

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