Commercial refrigeration efficiency Tips

North Refrigeration and Air Conditioning specialize in the supply and servicing of air conditioning and cold rooms to the licensed trade, such as pubs, etc. We have a range of refrigerators, ice makers and refrigeration displays to choose from.

We have a number of air conditioning units for sale such as Hose units and Split units, water coolers and evaporative condensers. We also stock many Cold Room products. We have a range of both small and large cold rooms for commercial use for use in shops and small supermarkets. These units are quick and easy to install, easy to keep clean, with rounded internal corner profiles. They are also PVC coated anti-slip flooring. These are available in a range of shapes and sizes up to 14 cubic metres.

Whatever your requirements are well find the ideal prduct for you,
Here is catergory of some of the prioducts we have:

*Cold Rooms
*Refrigeration Displays
*Ice Makers

We have various types of refrigerators, Ice makers, refrigeration displays and cold rooms available, differing in size and storage capabilities. Whatever your needs, we’re sure we have the refrigerator for your needs. We also stock various makes and models of Ice Makers.

Resource: Commercial refrigeration efficiency

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